Dollhouse 13th episode – DO NOT WATCH

If you’ve never seen the Joss Whedon series on FOX called DOLLHOUSE [wikipedia], this is not the post for you. Move along.

If you’ve seen one or two episodes and, thought it was passable but not stellar, or you’re like me and watched the entire first season hoping it would get really good, read a bit further.

Even though you may be ready to buy the DVD of the DOLLHOUSE series in part because the fabled “13th episode” is on there, think again.

You won’t want to watch it.

Just put the thought out of your mind now.

These are not the droids you are looking for, move along.

Seriously. I realize that you’ve heard “things” about this, and perhaps have seen the trailers for the show, at least one of which I’ve aired here on this blog.

The show leaked this weekend, a week before the DVDs hit the stores(?) and I was forwarded a copy because of my expressed interest, and I figured I’d give it a few minutes watch. And now I wish I could unsee what I had seen. It’s not a bad episode, but it’s bad for you in two distinctly different ways.

First, if you haven’t seen the entire season, it will make very little sense, and will seem utterly stupid, and… what’s that term Simon Cowell uses on American Idol? Oh, yeah, indulgent. There’s little in this that’s a shocker if you’ve not invested yourself in the characters. So, it’s a throwaway episode for you, and quite frankly, a waste of your time. There’s no groundbreaking moments here for the uninitiated.

But if you HAVE seen the entire first season, here’s why you shouldn’t watch it: It will ruin the rest of the series for you. Oh, sure, I’m sure that the actors and the other fine folks that worked on this 13 episode show should get paid, and part of those payments will come from the sales of the DVDs, of which you’re about to purchase, but this episode should be the last thing of the show you watch, the last episode you ever watch. You’ll have to ban yourself from watching it. Hard to do, but you’ll thank me for this. Why? This show is the end of the DOLLHOUSE. Actually, the setting of the show is set at the end of the world, a time not very far off, according to the events taking place in this show.

Why would a fan of the show, willing to watch more of that show, want to see an episode taking place at the end of civilization? It’s like watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles and finding out that Skynet wins during a commercial break. Sure, Sarah may still be alive, but you’re not watching that story, you’re just watching a doomed Sarah play with guns.

I’ve been told that if I ever find myself watching the movie ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: AI [IMDB] by Spielberg, turn off the thing when there’s 20 minutes left to go. The rest of the show is a worthless tack on that kills the preceding movie. This warning is just like that.

Watch the second season of DOLLHOUSE when it comes on the FOX Network. And buy that 2nd season on DVD as well. And after that — then and only then should you watch this banned 13th episode.

I know what I’ve just said isn’t that compelling, but I won’t spoil the show for you to detail exactly why — other than to say (minor spoilers after the click)

[spoiler]toward the end, Caroline says she hopes they can find Caroline. They end the show by climbing up a conveniently placed cable ladder. [/spoiler]

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  1. Yep, you were right. None of that made any sense to me, but then again I’m one of those folks who hasn’t watched any of the program. Why did I read the post then?

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