Does that mean I get to keep the watch?

cannabisPA_175x125There is an old joke that I love, it has a man, upon being exonerated for stealing, saying to the judge, “Does that mean I get to keep the watch?” Well, that is sort of what happened recently in Brant Township in Michigan, when a very distraught 54-year-old woman demonstrated that she wasn’t quite clear on the role of the police. According to reports, the woman called authorities after two men broke into her home, and demanded her crop of marijuana. She then called the cops to report the fact that her marijuana plants had been stolen.

Officers responding to her call promptly arrested her on charges of manufacturing and delivering marijuana. She claimed the crop was for personal use, but did not have a medical marijuana card required under Michigan’s recently-passed laws on personal use of the drug.

Pfau said that this is the first case he can remember where someone complained to police about their drugs being stolen. ‘They’re just not reporting this,’ he told the Saginaw News. ‘She was pretty upset.’

Oh yeah, and my kids snorted all of my cocaine before going off on a tailgate party bender with terrorists.

Only in America.

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