Is that your wand, or are you just excited to see Harry Potter?

A few words before the end of Harry Potter.

This is about death. Death is the enemy. And the enemy is about to win. Nowhere is safe.

Never stick your wand in crazy
The criminally insane are getting busy

Everyone following the book series was on pins and needles, because throughout the entire series, nobody knew if Harry Potter would survive. In the first few books, the fans knew he would have to survive somehow, because there was another book coming.

But with the announcement that after the seventh book there would be no more Harry Potter books EVER, the fans started to worry openly. The author herself had thoughts about killing her main character — in part to assure everyone that was the end to the adventure.

In the end, however, we now know that Harry lives. But in the final book, a bunch of characters do meet their end.

This is to warn some folks who may not be clear on the concept — Harry Potter’s last two movies are not for young children. The movie is also not for those who have been ambivalent about the movie series. If you haven’t liked the last movie, this one (and the next one) will surely make you think you’ve wasted your time and money. I’m sure there will be that contingent of folks out there, ticked off that this series didn’t end differently that it will.

To restate — If you are not a fan of the Harry Potter movies already, DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

The movie is dark, both visually and spiritually. It may have started out with children, but there’s not a single childlike emotion to deal with here. The movie is about death. I don’t think you want to take your five year old child to this. Just sayin’.

Worse yet, even people who might have liked the previous movies may not completely enjoy this. It’s filled with action scenes and scenes that will make you think, but it’s not like this first parter of two is going to have you leaving the theater feeling satisfied.

For the rest of us…

I can’t freaking wait!

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