David Cook on American Idol

There’s three songs to talk about this year on American Idol so far, and this one is one of them.
The first two were shortened for time and made me want to hear more from each:
David Archuleta did “Imagine”
Brooke White did “Let It Be”

and now David Cook has done “Billy Jean”

Sorry for the embed with the crap about David’s early life. The other versions on YouTube were advertising for something, and I’d rather have the early stuff you can fast forward through to get to the song than anything else. So, hit play, but feel free to hit Pause and let the thing load so you can drag the play bar over to where the song actually starts.

This version of the song was done first by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Cornell certainly gets credit for the arrangement which few people had heard before. One of the side effects of the Death Of Radio is that some songs just aren’t well known, and Cornell’s certainly should be.

If you are like me, and you only remember Michael Jackson singing this song, this will help you forget the crotch grabbing idiot’s version, because trust me, this is like an entirely different song.

In a good way.

UPDATE: If you want JUST the MP3 to put on your iPod, I’m sure ITunes has it. However, if you go here or here, you can also download it before it gets yanked.

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