Ozombie Apocolypse

I so totally want to see this flick

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Zombie Ingenuity

Yeah, like that.

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Happy Day, You Turkeys!

This just in, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued the following warning:zombie turkeys are on the loose! Yep, you read that right, zombie turkeys are on the loose, and they apparently they want to eat your brains for Thanksgiving. Earlier today, Scientists from the CDC released a formal warning earlier this morning.

“We are currently witnessing one of the worst zombie attacks in recent history,” the report said. “Turkeys across America are rising from the dead and feasting on the flesh of their golden brown, perfectly roasted brethren.”

According to researchers, the source of the zombie turkey outbreak can be traced back to a turkey farm in West Virginia. There, local farmers experimented with a new, synthetic flavor injection that they hoped would increase the fat deposits on deceased turkeys.

Yep, that’s right kids, Zombie Turkeys, and we know that it is true, because the government told us and used Al Gore’s Internet to tell us. So we need to batten down those hatches, break out the duct tape and prepare for the worse!

So to prepare for this horrific Zombie Turkey invasion, We suggest that this Black Friday, you all stock up on Zombie Turkey Outbreak from XBox (if its not too late).

Be safe out there.

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OK, NOW it’s a (Halloween) Party!

Ladies and gents, I present to you…The Walken Dead:

…and then, of course, there’s this.


Ya just gotta love it.

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Run for your life

As some of you may already know, I like to run. When I was in High School, I ran Cross Country. It is something that has stayed with me since, causing me to run in a number of races over the years. True, I stopped running for a number of years, but a couple of years ago I started up again and have since ran in a few 5K road races.

Well, I recently happened across this website that combines running with, not only an obstical course, but a zombie attack.

Yep, you read that right, a zombie attack.

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Zombies are everywhere!

Yeah, this is going to make the wine more palatable…

Zombie Wine Bottle Stopper
• Wine bottle cork or bottle stopper shaped like a zombie hand rising from the ground
• Exquisite level of gory details – handcrafted by local indie artists
• Material: tough urethane resin and cork
• Unique: no two are exactly alike – paint details may vary as it is handpainted
• Size: 1-1/4″ dia. x 5″ (3 cm dia. x 12.5 cm)
• Fits most wine bottles
• Design: Odd Art Fabrications

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Yep, fun stuff.

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