Yippee-ki-yay, motherf#&ker! [vid]

This looks to be a first: A band slices together movie clips and creates their own music to go with it, celebrating the upcoming fourth movie in the series —

The Movie Studio (FOX) learns of the popular YouTube video, sees their copyrighted material, and the lawyers do what lawyers do — they fire off one of their nasty grams and have the video pulled from the web.

BUT THEN — here’s the unique part — the marketing folks realize that, hey, ya know, this is kinda catchy, they overrule the lawyers and ask the creators if they might PAY THEM to put the clip back online — it is, after all backed by their original song. We’ll even sweeten the deal and make noises about having the thing put on the final DVD of the movie when it comes out, what’d’ya say?? [NYTimes]

So, back from the land of copyright hell, here’s everything you wanted to know about the first three DIE HARD movies, put to music.

Sure, it’s corny. But here’s a secret from me to you: “‘Corny’ works

Besides, when’s the last time you heard,
“Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!”
as the chorus of a song?

Well, that’s too long…

Created by GUYZNITE [Guyznite.com]

You had me at “THIS. IS. HOGWARTS!!” [vid]

Not exactly the ending of the Harry Potter series most people would think of, but it has some nice action movie references stuck in this: