Lessons to be learned by the new Generation

Yeah, like that.

The Perfessor

TETRIS: The motion Picture

Given all of the films developed from videogames lately, this could very well be more true than you realize…

It can’t get any more dangerous to walk into a movie theater…

The Perfessor

My next car

After reading the following article I decided that I’m in the market for a new car…

A California man was stunned to see what a previous owner of his minivan apparently left behind: $500,000 worth of cocaine jammed in the door panels.

Yep, that’s right San Jose psychologist, Charles Preston says that a mechanic apparently discovered a cellophane-wrapped cocaine was found in jammed in the door of his car, when he took it into the shop. He immediately notified the Police.

The rest of the story can be found here.

The perfessor

…and this is what you want to complain about???

Seriously, some folks are simply wound too tight, and need a good Gibb’s-Smack to the back of the head. Why you ask? well, just watch the following vid about how some Conservatives apparently complained about how the school that President Obama’s children attend served an “Asian-inspired” lunch on the 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.

Yeah, really.

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I got yer war on Christmas, right here

We love Jon Stewart, especially when he is “on” as he is so totally is in this clip about the so-called “War on Christmas

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