Just to clear the decks, I own no monkies.

Yeah, I know that the title of this post in no way reflects the contents, but I’m currently watchihng The Daily Show, and host, Jon Stewart just made this comment in relation to a story on which he was reporting. However, what I want to talk about happened last night, with his guest, Tom Selleck, which was just as hilarious.

This show is still not only the funniest thing currently on TV, it is the closest thing to real news that we can find.

The Perfessor

Where in the World is Walt?

Well, as I was hard at work this morning, I got a rare text, twitter, and then (heavens to Mergatroid!) phone call from our wayward web-guru. Seems he was out and about looking for more oil in the wilds of Texas. Yeah, seems that these mysterious Men in Black that he claims to be working for have him dodging cow-pies and playing in some field or other.

As you all know from some of the previous pics that I’ve posted about Walt’s Most Excellent Adventures, he’s been to some wild places. So, here, is the unaltered photo of where our pal was this morning.


The Perfessor

Driving: not as easy as it looks…

…and from this vid, it doesn’t even look that easy for most of these people.

The Perfessor

And now, for something completely different!

Someone sent me this YouTube link, and, after watching it, I realized that it was simply way too funny to not add into the blog, especially for the following two reasons:

1) Given that we haven’t post much lately, this will hopefully this be our version of Bread and Circuses.

2) I’m completely off my nut:

OK, now back to writing.

The Perfessor

Humor in Tragedy

Just when you thought that there was no funny to be found in yet another militant, fundamentalist, Islamic massacre, Jon Stewart comes around to show us that, yes, there are some sane, free-thinking people who are willing to stand up, tell the truth, and say (on TV) the things that we are thinking..

Personally, I almost wet myself watching this clip. I hope you feel the same way.

The Perfessor