You say Black Ice… I say Zombie Attack

So you might have heard about this 50-car pile up in Shelton, CT today, due to “black ice” but considering that the info came from Fox News that has consistently made mistakes in their recent reporting.

Connecticut Pileup

SHELTON, Conn. — Police say at least 50 cars crashed in a chain-reaction collision on a wet Connecticut road that was turning icy, and 46 people reported minor injuries.

Shelton police Detective Sgt. Kevin Ahern says six people were taken to hospitals from the wreck that happened shortly after noon Sunday on state route 110. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

WFSB says the southwestern Connecticut road has been closed for more than five hours so authorities can continue investigating the accident. Police expected it to reopen early Sunday evening.

However, I have it on good authority that the scene looked more like this…

Connecticut Pileup

What? Too soon?

The Perfessor

A Medium Night of the Living Dead thing

MediumLivingDead225So you all missed it, there was this midget fortuneteller that recently escaped from Connecticut’s Danbury State Prison. The next day, the headline from the local newspaper read “Small Medium at Large.”

OK, OK, so that really didn’t happen, but I really like that joke, and well, I just couldn’t resit telling it here.

So, one of the really cool things about technology (when it works the way it is supposed to), is that it allows you to live your life in a way that — quite literally — allows you to bend time and space to your bidding. No, I haven’t been dipping into the (medicinal) Cannabis this morning (at least not yet), what I’m talking about is my DVR player. no, seriously. You see, it allows me to watch programs that I taped days, weeks, even months earlier. And that is precisely what happened the other day when I watched an episode of Medium.

medium3_500If you haven’t ever seen the show, it is about a housewife with psychic powers helps the Phoenix DA catch criminals. This particular episode was the Halloween episode, and well, it was not only damn good, but it was extremely creepy.

Now, to digress for a moment. I like Medium, the wife and I have been watching it from the beginning an, well, it is interesting, if annoying. The part that I find annoying is that, well, every single episode is exactly the same as every single other episode. Allison has a dream about something and somehow (and for some reason) the people around her (mostly her husband) don’t quite believe what she sees is true, and tries to talk her down from what we all know is going to happen anyway. Eventually her dream is proven right, she is exonerated, and the criminal is caught. Now this would work well for the first show, but since it has been on for a couple or three seasons (and presumably her husband has been with her and known about her abilities for at least 17 or so years) You have to wonder why he never quite believes her dreams.

Still, this Halloween episode was different. Allison’s dreams were placing her inside the original Night of the Living Dead film. Now you have to understand, I’ve seen that film,and it doesn’t end well for the folks in it. So as Allison was dreaming herself as a part of this movie, I’m freaking out over what could possibly happen. Sure, I know that she isn’t going to die, as she is the star, but still. The concept of going to sleep and every night waking up with dead people talking to you is bad enough, but now she is wrapped inside one of the creepiest films ever made.

Here is a brief clip from the episode, if you want to watch longer clips from the show, you can go here:

I won’t tell you how it turns out (that is completely secondary here), but that it really was one of the best episodes of this quirky TV show.

The Perfessor

They walk again, by night!

zombiesWell, it is that time of the year, folks. and the Zombies are out in force.

From what I’m reading the Zombie Walk is to raise money for charity. and to get brains, yep, brains…


You have been warned.

The Perfessor