Dead Guy Flattened? Or Gust Of Wind? [update]

If you’ll look at the video I posted yesterday, you might see something I did not initially see.

Right before the Crown Plaza implodes, a door starts to close. It stops closing before the building collapses.

Watch the video to see this door close

Watch the video again

It could have been a gust of wind, but the wind would have continued on a little bit, and you can see by the plume of dust after the explosion the wind wasn’t that strong. So, no gust of wind.

You can see the door moved after the initial set of blasts, but before the final collapse, so there certainly were vibrations close to the door.

The makers of this video did contact the Houston Police, and the police sent out “cadaver dogs” in search of a body under the rubble.

The dogs hit on something yesterday.

Yes, the whole thing sounds like an episode from MAGNUM, P.I. — only in this one, Magnum doesn’t escape at the last moment.

Person may have been inside imploded Medical Center building
[Houston ABC TV]

Why would someone close that door as the building collapse is a half second away?


From the comments on the Houston Chronicle story on the mystery, an instant Urban Legend has been born:

I heard from a co-worker that has a friend who’s cousin used to work in that hotel and he said that there was a guy and his wife that were staying in the hotel while his daughter was being treated at the children’s hospital across the street. One night, while the couple were there, the woman died in her sleep. When the man woke up and found his wife dead, he was so distrought that he couldn’t deal with it so he just didn’t tell anyone about her death and he just went on about seeing to his ailing daughter in the hospital. For two days the cleaning lady was startled when she went to the room to clean because she thought she was walking in on a sleeping guest. After three days she realized that someone was dead in the room. No charges were filed because the woman died of natural causes but every year the man would come back and stay in the same room that his wife had died in so that he could be close to her spirit. This guy that worked in the hotel said that after they announced that the hotel would be torn down, the man came back and stayed until finally he was asked to leave beacause the hotel was closing. Some people said that a man matching his description was recently seen around the site. A homeless guy that walks that area said that some guy had told him that his wife’s spirit was in that hotel and that he was trying to figure out how to get her out of there. Noone I have talked to has seen this guy in the last week or so but we we are thinking that this might be that man.
Anyway, thats what my co-workers friends cousin said.

Grain of salt available for taking at the door…

String Theory in Two Minutes [ducky!]

Part of a competition to explain what String Theory is when you’re not dealing with cats at play.

String Theory is way over my head, but that doesn’t make me stand back in awe of people who research the topic.

To make it cute, this entrant used a rubber duck as a visual prop. Why a duck? (Viaduct?) Why not a duck? (Old Marx Bros.)

Anyway, if you’re not interested, don’t click below
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Star Wars is coming to a Mailbox near you.

That’s right Rebles and Federation Storm Troopers, soon (if not already) you will be able to be sending out your snail mail (hey, does anyone still send snail mail?) by stuffing it inside R2D2. Yep, the US Postal service is indeed issuing mailboxes in the form of the little droid.


That’s right, Mail is fun again! You see, the Postal Service is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars with these R2D2-style mailboxes.

All I can say about this is that I’m surprised that the Postal service is suborning federal crimes, because you just know that some hard-up (hard core) fanboy is — sooner or later — going to boost one of these little babies and that‘s when the fun is going to start, because diverting U.S. Mail is a federal crime, worse (if you can imagine it) than rape or multiple homicide.

Personally, I can hardly wait.

The Perfessor

Bras made out of fish [vid]

To answer the question: What the best mermaid’s wear…

In Thailand, there’s quite a lot of Tilapia filet production, and someone came up with the idea to make bras and handbags out of Tilapia skin.

Uh, okay…

Sound not required for this vid showing the actual production of bras and some finished handbags.

Fish Bra
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