Tales of the Unexpected

I’ll have a bottle of Tequila and a six-pack of Iron City.

The Perfessor

Do you hear what I hear?

There are voices in my head…

…but they are out of sync.

The Perfessor

Two art directors are talking…

There is an old gag that goes something like this: Two art directors are talking and the first one says, “How many art directors does it take to screw in a light bulb?” The second one responds “Does it have to be a light bulb?” The joke works because art directors are historically “artsy” about whatever project on which they are working. Well, they simply don’t hold a candle to folks who can’t name all all of the primary colors or draw a straight line with a ruler who hire art directors to produce projects for them.

It is for those poor folks that I (re)post the following.

The Perfessor

Meanwhile, over in Japan

We’re not entirely sure what the folks in Japan who authorized this particular sale were thinking when they signed off on having these signs produced, but I’m sure that no one in the room spoke English.

If only we could have sat in on the meeting where the marketing team for this Osaka department store came up with the idea for their “Fuckin’ Sale,”.

The Perfessor

And what did you get for Christmas?

Hopefully your year-end holiday celebrations were pleasant and everything you expected them to be. Also, it would be an added plus if you received everything you wanted. Pity then these poor folk who not only got something that they weren’t expecting, but also got an unexpected visitor for the holidays.

A Miami family had a surprise, and unwelcomed, Christmas visitor: a 13-foot Burmese python in their swimming pool, according to news reports from South Florida.

Suladie Miranda found the snake “curled up in the corner of the pool” and called 911, WSVN-TV reports.

Funny, but I don’t recalling that being one of the gifts that I was asking for in the song

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Putting the bite on you

Well, we know that Twilight: Breaking Wind…er Dawn is going to be opening up soon, but there is still no excuse for this behavior…

On Monday evening, an unidentified woman allegedly walked into a Denver convenience store, groped a male customer and bit him on the neck, then allegedly bit the clerk on the neck after asking for a hug. Police consider her armed to the teeth … with teeth!

Yeah, that’s what we said:
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