Paul is an A-Hole, and don’t you forget it!

So, Sprint is currently running a new spot with Paul, who was formerly the spokesperson for Verizon but now works for Sprint. You remember Paul, He was the guy who kept asking “Can you hear me now?” Well, as it turns out, Paul has no loyalty, and is apparently something of a whore as he has sold his soul to Sprint and is currently hawking Sprint’s wares and services because, obviously he can be bought.

Here is Sprint’s new ad:

Well, if you are one of those folks who believe in a free market, or say that it is okay for Paul to work form whomever he wants, let me remind you who Paul really is (oh, and the audio track on this video isn’t actually safe for work / NSFW)…

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by;

The Perfessor

The deal


Yeah, what’s the deal?

The Perfessor

The Pope, a Rabbi and an Imam…



The Perfesser!

Nobody move and nobody gets hurt!


The Perfessor

You don’t want to make Red angry…


You had better support the Owlgirls Kickstarter. It is the only way to be sure…

The Perfessor

They are coming for your Owlgirls pledge…


Hey there kidds out there in Intertube land all you Fold who have been enjoying Cuppacafe for the past few yeares, we all love ya, now we’re asking for some of that love back. The Perfessor (that’s me) is writing a comicbook entitled Owlgirls. I’m working with a couple of very talented individuals (Dave Rayn who is currently bringing us The War of the Independents) and an extremely talented newcomer, Rachele Aragano.

OwlGirls WWIIThe comic is currently being crowd-sourced on Kickstarter, and we only have a few days to fully reach our goal. Now while we are almost there, we are not quite there as of yet, and this is the final week of funding, so it is time for the big push. We really could youse your help, so please if you have been enjoying what you have been reading on Cuppacafe, then please be generous and help us out with this very special project.


New York City, 1940. Three sisters live in a typical three-story building. They investigate murders and unsolved cases from the police behalf of individuals. One day in a firefight, a sister dies and the other swears revenge. They decide to seek a woman who practices voodoo to bring them in contact with Death. They want to ask her to restore his beloved sister. In a kind of séance, Death occurs. It offers them a deal: his sister back to life if they become her eyes in the world, and if they will help her to find some creatures. They will hunt down and neutralize demons and spirits that infest the planet, also will have a head of an owl that will give them extrasensory powers typical of the animal itself.

Thanks in advance for the support that I know that you’ll all give!

The Perfessor