On Beyond Pluto (or, I think I might have found Walt!)

SendaSo as I was beating the bush looking for our lost leader, I think that the problem that I’ve been having is that I’ve been looking, well in the bush, not the heavens. You see, knowing not only what a geologist (rock nerd) that ol’ Walt is, I nearly forgot what a science nerd he is as well.

Hence, Rocks + Nerd + Science + Nerd = well, a pretty far gonzo space rock nerd. Needless to say, I think I found him on a well what can only be described as a Vision Quest for Planet X, the missing 10th planet of our Solar System. To wit:

If I’m reading this correctly, According to Space.com there is apparently a large planet-sized object three times as far from Earth as is Pluto. The new body (called Sedna):

The hidden world — thought to be much bigger than Pluto based on the model — could explain unusual features of the Kuiper Belt, a region of space beyond Neptune littered with icy and rocky bodies. Its existence would satisfy the long-held hopes and hypotheses for a “Planet X” envisioned by scientists and sci-fi buffs alike.

Via Space.com

Senda 2

Senda 3

I mean, we all know how goofy Walt gets for this stuff, so it is perhaps not entirely impossible that he made his way to the Houston Space Center in an effort to sneak aboard the space craft so that he can be the first person to step foot on Senda in 2015. So, I know that you all will join me in wishing Walt well on his desire to find new means of fuel subsidies, even if it means he has to go to the ends of the Earth, er, the Solar System to find them.

Senda 4(Here is where I was going to insert a faked quote by Alison saying something like “I always knew he was out of this world,” but I figured that was pushing it, even for me, so, I figure I’ll just wind it up here, and move on to, you know, important stuff.)

Hey, it could happen. I mean, the part about Senda is real, and well, we do all know that Walt is a bit, ah, off (especially these days, diggin’ around in the dirt, takin’ pictures of cows, and talkin’ all crazy like there’s Black Gold (Texas “T”) out there in them thar hills or sumptin’)

Or, I could just be hallucinating again, like that time in college when my hair caught fire, and I was chased down the street by that dinosaur…and got Debbie Gibson pregnant with my two-headed love child…

Mmmm…Let me get back to you on all of this, eh?

The Perfessor

Growing oil, one drop at a time

I can’t verify this guys’ numbers on Algae-to-Fuel, but if I had the investment money, this is where I’d be placing it.

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