Play Ball!


Well folks, it looks like the game is over and the Mets have won 3/2. The only thing that would have made this win sweeter, would have been having been able to have been at the game. Ah well, there’s always next year.


Here’s a joke I like to tell my son: which in the following group of items does not belong?

1. Your Drum.
2. Your Dog.
3. Your Son.
4. A Hot Dog at Opening Day at Shea Stadium.

Give up? The answer is easy. it is (4) A Hot Dog at Opening Day at Shea Stadium. Why? Because you can beat your drum, you can beat your Dog, and you can beat your Son, but you simply can’t beat A Hot Dog at Opening Day at Shea.

Mr. MetWell, today is opening Day at Shea Stadium, and I’m not there, neither is Dylan, but my brother Ron and his son Sal are (or soon will be). I was unable to make it this year because my gig booking got extended, and Dylan has already missed a bunch of school (due to illness and of course his trip to Egypt—from which he is still playing catch-up), so his mom and I decided that he would have to miss this one (yeah we’re rotten parents).

Needless to say, I don’t think that Ron hasn’t missed Opening Day in, well long, long time. Sorry we couldn’t be there with you Ron, but here’s hoping for a great day, a big win, and the start of a great season!

The Perfessor