The West Wing is back, baby!

Yes, seriously. Nearly all the stars of the hit NBC drama, which went off air in 2006, have busted out their quippiest dialog and dusted off their walking-and-talking skills to record this video. It encourages viewers to vote in nonpartisan state-level ballot measures, Michigan news website reports. The characters also sneak in an endorsement of Bridget Mary McCormack, a University of Michigan law professor who’s running for the state Supreme Court.

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Here comes the News(room)

A link to episode three of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom.

I think that it is interesting that this show so clearly takes place in the immediate past. I’m not entirely sure that I’ve ever seen a program to do that as a story-telling device. While it can make the writer smug (and yeah, Sorkin is clearly smug), it also gives him the ability to better process snapshot moments in time than we probably had at the time those events were occurring; a point he himself makes within the course of this very episode.

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The Newsroom 2.0

I’ve already told you that I’m a huge fan to Aaron Sorkin, and loved the first episode of The Newsroom, well here is a link to the second episode. I know that you’ll enjoy watching it as much as did I.

Yes it contains echoes of The West WIng, but who cares, Sorkin is great at dialogue. It is genuinely fun just to sit and listen to listen.

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The Red Shirt of Death…

You have been warned.

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This one is for Walt

I feel your pain, man.

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