This one is for Walt!


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Breaking Bad

Yeah, like that!

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Who is the Dr.

This is totally for Walt (I’ve never watched the program, but I know he does).

Dr. Who

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Nerd love!

Patton Oswalt stopped by the set of Parks and Recreation recently and improvised this hilarious example by talking entirely off the top of his head for eight minutes straight about what he thinks the plot of the new “Star Wars” movie should be.

This is hilarious!

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Marriage counciling

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The Walter O’Reilly Show

Hey, this is kind of cool, we just learned that there once was plans for a third M*A*S*H TV show, this one staring Gary Bergoff’s character, “Radar” O’Reilly. A single episode was recorded, but was unfortunately never turned into an on-going show. However, CBS did air the single episode in 1984. here is a link to a site where the entire episode can be viewed.

Sorry for the poor quality of the image, the on-line video is run at a small image and of very inferior quality. The show itself seems a bit under-written, which would explain why it never made it into production as a series.

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