Hot Girl and Totally Hot Girl are coming!

Yep, you folks read that right, My long-awaited comicbook, Hot Girl and totally Hot Girl is almost here. Brought to you by the Unbelievable talent (and patient) folks over at at Pronto Comics. My comic is being published as a Print on Demand comic over @ Indyplanet.

Print on Demand means that if you order one they will print one and ship it to you. If you order 10, they will print and ship 10. Seriously, how cool is that? Now I’m totally feeling that this is like the coolest thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m wicked psyched over it.

While the comic itself isn’t posted as of yet, I’ve been assured that it will be posted by the end of the week. and that Pronto will have copies at MoCCA Fest (Saturday, April 28 & Sunday, April 29). I’m hoping to be there one day over the weekend, only at the moment I’m not quite sure which day it will be — although I’m currently leaning towards Saturday).

More info to follow as I confirm what my schedule will be for the weekend.

In the mean time, you can preview the first few pages over at the Pronto Webcomic site.

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