A short time ago Dave Ryan, Rachele Aragno, and I were all interviews by Amber Love on her podcast, Vodka O’Clock about Owlgirls.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here.

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Sexy Halloween Costumes

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Myths about coffee

coffee mythsWe love coffee, yes we do, and we want to help others who love this mystic elixir to understand that some of the things that you may have heard about coffee are, well just myths.

We recently stumbled across a site that explained away at least seven coffee myths.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. This awesome beverage has become an important part of our mornings and keeps us awake when there’s a lot to do. There are different opinions about coffee based on different researches. Some say it does no harm, some say it is beneficial and some say it causes problems. Many times the arguments against coffee are wrong and are not based on any researches. This made some myths about drinking coffee popular. Here’s 7 of them:

Myth 1: Coffee makes you feel stressed out
Myth 2:Caffeine causes insomnia
Myth 3: Drinking coffee causes cancer.
Myth 4: Coffee has no health benefits
Myth 5:Caffeine is addictive
Myth 6: Coffee causes miscarriage, infertility and low birth weight
Myth 7: Drinking coffee may cause Osteoporosis

Anyway, we’re glad we can help with all of that.

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In the end, it’s all about Pie….

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Do these Burgers make me look fat?

Plus, you’r something of a fat pig yourself…

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Ah, I love the Fall!

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