Motherboard and CPU

Just a quick note hello to all the four or five loyal Cuppacafe readers out there. I’ve been busy of late, and one thing that suffers when that happens is the frequency of this blog. But, if you’re smart you have an RSS feed. It’s a shame that my header doesn’t have an RSS feed of it’s own, so starting soon, I’ll post a quickie post concerning the header.

NOTE to the casual surfer:
What follows is pretty boring concerning my computer upgrade

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Racing Pigeon and Squirrel

We had a racing pigeon grace our backyard briefly yesterday. It never did come down to sample the grain and water we leave out for the local birds, but here’s a shot:

racing pigeon, or escapee from house arrest?

The one band says “69” on it, but I can’t make anything out of the yellow band.

Meanwhile, our dog is always intent on keeping the yard policed from wayward lizards and other assorted live animals. Here, she’s keeping Alison company while staring down a corn stealer:

Snickers, watching from her office

And at the other end of the staredown:

Squirrel pigging out

A closer view:

squirrel, closer, but no less rat like

The squirrel finally noticed me, and posed for a picture:

Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Dog In Tree is exciting. The picture is not

Update: Here’s a picture taken by Alison on her cellphone as Snickers reenacted part of her trip up the tree for a steak bone.

I may not have a cat that can open doors, but I do have a dog that likes to climb trees. We’ll eventually get a picture to go with this tree climbing dog, but for now, you’ll just have to settle for an approximation of where I found my dog Snickers today.

She was hunting a squirrel that was boxed up in the tree. An angry bird was pestering the squirrel, forcing it down out of the tops of the tree, and Snickers decided to press the point, climbing up into the tree, and eventually higher than I’ve ever seen her before. When I went to her, her paws were at my shoulder level, about 5 1/2 feet off the ground.

Tree climbing dog thinks about doing it again

I didn’t get my camera out because she was finding some poor footing and I was a bit afraid for her. This shot has her looking for squirrels again, and merely thinking of climbing back up.

May not be all that exciting to you, but to me, it’s a bit of a shocker.

Dog sick, and I’m not feeling too good myself

When your dog gets “Kennel Cough” for the first time, it’s a bit surprising. I’ve owned many dogs in my time, and never have I had a dog with this bad of a cough.

To those who like me yesterday, Kennel Cough is a variety of the bug that gives humans Whooping Cough. It’s NOT contagious to humans, but certainly is for other dogs — and rabbits for that matter. There’s like four or five viruses that usually go along with this bacterial infection, virus infections that essentially make it easier for the bacteria to get in there and attach themselves to the cilia (little productive hairs) along the throat and upper bronchial tracts of the lungs. The way I read it, they paralyze the cilia, and cause the animal to develop a nasty hacking cough. And at the end of the coughing spell, the dog throws up a frothy mess.

With our 15 month old dog, it was something like “Hack, Hack, SPEW!!” “Hack, Hack, SPEW!!” and so I was with our dog all night last night, until about 4:30 in the morning using up an entire roll of paper towels on about thirty different SPEW events. I found a couple today that was from yesterday that were in different places in the house I wasn’t aware of. Lovely.

The dog is now resting quietly, and the worst spells are over with. Reportedly, she’ll be sick for about a week.

Meanwhile, I need some sleep.