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Yeah, I know that the title of this post in no way reflects the contents, but I’m currently watchihng The Daily Show, and host, Jon Stewart just made this comment in relation to a story on which he was reporting. However, what I want to talk about happened last night, with his guest, Tom Selleck, which was just as hilarious.

This show is still not only the funniest thing currently on TV, it is the closest thing to real news that we can find.

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What News Anchors Do During Commercial Breaks!

If you have ever wondered what news anchors do during the news breaks (when we go to commercial and they have to sit there until we return), wonder no longer…

Cute, eh?

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Electric Drag Racing

This electric car is wicked-impressive. You really need to check out this video.

If a little guy in a home garage can make this, what should all the big car makers be doing in all their giant labs? If this isn’t absolutely pathetic! What have all the Detroit automakers been doing! What a joke!

Check out this nine-minute vid about the car and its creator. (Sound required.)

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Download tunes; crash the ‘net

So, what were you doing Wednesday December 3 at 5:00 P.M.? If you were like many of the fans of Colbert Nation you were (apparently) downloading Stephen’s A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All on iTunes. Seems that on both Monday and Tuesday and nights Colbert called for his fans to storm itunes and download his album at precisely 5:00 so as to knock Kayne West out of the #1 slot.

Then there was this follow-up on Tuesday:

Well, the really funny part comes in when Kanye West Posted this note on his twitter site.

Meanwhile Kanye slipped down the charts as both Britney Spears and Akon issued new albums debuting at #s 1 & 2 respectfully. So, while Colbert isn’t #1, he now sits on the chart higher than West.

Ya just gotta love this stuff. Personally, I can’t wait until tonight’s show. Oh yeah, in the mean time, there’s this…

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Last night, Colbert celebrated his victory over Kanye in his typical humble fashion. (A video follows, unfortunately it is the whole show (there are no segregated clips), but the Kanye segment starts 1:35 in).

MTV music opens its vaults

In celebration of MTV opening up its video vault (MTVmusic.com) to the moldy oldies of the 80s and beyond, here’s a song that I loved when it first came out, but never ever did get to see the music video for. Many of the music videos of this time were simply not funded well enough to put together much in the way of a dedicated shoot, so the producers of the video used various video clips, sometimes chroma-screening the lead singer in the front. Since David Bowie is singing for Queen in the video below, we don’t get to see that.

Anyway, enjoy some relatively random sequences to illustrate the song, “Under Pressure”. If you squint your brain a little, you can almost make some sense out of the whole thing.

Click to watch vid Continue reading MTV music opens its vaults

The Song Remains the same (sort of)

So, you think that you know the lyrics to your favorite song. Well, as the vid below indicates, perhaps you don’t. (But don’t worry, apparently no one else does either.)

Eddie Vedder offers an object lesson in the perils of unclear articulation in pop music. This whimsically subtitled version of “Yellow Ledbetter” has logged 1.7 million YouTube views and is newly popular on Digg.com:

(Via the NY Times)