Day Old Easter Egg

My wonderful wife, the media star, went a little nuts yesterday. Over on her blog, she gave away well over a dozen of her recent books.

Well, since this is a relatively new blog, I thought might find out who’s reading it.

Without further ado: If you’re interested in an exciting action-adventure book, then you’re in luck! All you have to do is to reply in the comment form.

I’m giving away copies of this:

But I do have a few conditions:

      You’re at least 18 years of age
      Your mail address is in the United States
      You haven’t won any book from Alison Kent’s site (and I do check)
      You’re not a published romance author
      You post a valid email address
      You answer in my comment form two questions:

    1. Tell me what TV show featured Alison Kent (you’d find that out by visiting the “media star” link that kicks off this post)
    2. Beach has a first and a middle name. What are they? Visit The Smithson Group and navigate to the proper page.

Now, I have comments set to hold all new comments in limbo, so any comment you post should be held until I process them. So your comment WON’T SHOW UP, but I WILL SEE IT. Duplicate comments will be killed. If your comments have good email addresses and you’re one of the first five commenters with the correct answer, you win a copy of The Beach Alibi!

Yeah, yeah, not as simple as some contests, but I like making you work for your freebie.

I’ll kill the contest with an UPDATE later in the day.

UPDATE: I’ve ended the contest.

Alison Kent Loses Her Virginity

Hi. My name is Walt. I’m married to a star.

I didn’t know it when I married her. I mean, I had been told of THE TAPE, told that she had been on TV, but it was a bit after we got married that I finally got around to plugging the tape in the machine.

The last segment of the show is all about Alison, er, Mica… because she wasn’t Alison before the show aired.

Alison Kent becomes a star on 48 Hours 1Meg streaming Flash file (pops up in a new window). This is the very short intro 48 Hours did as the exit teaser into their commercial break, introducing Mica as the “Struggling Author” and the Senior Editor at Harlequin who had the power to make or break Mica’s dreams… (Mica actually HAD a book published, “Playing Loves Odds”, but the publisher, Meteor, went out of business.) (I’m still playing around with formats for streaming media files, so you’ll have to forgive me.)

This post is the first post in my “Love Under Covers” section. It’s admittedly an outsider’s look. I’m a student of the genre, and I’m still learning. Nice part is, I have a great teacher.