American Idol contestant already won — just not in America

Did American Idol’s producers know or care if one of their finalists won a major singing contest before the auditions started?

I have to assume they did. I’m talking about one of my favorite singers, Alison Iraheta, the little 17 year old Salvadorean wonder child who sings far beyond her years.

I liked this week when Simon asked her if she wanted to win this competition. As if she didn’t WANT to win it.
Thing is, Alison already won a major competition. Telemundo has a talent competition called Quinceañera. Alison won in 2006 when she was 15. The prize was a reward of USD 50,000 and a recording contract. Now, why didn’t Simon mention this, I wonder… Oh, because nobody would vote for her, that’s why.

Here’s a video of 15 year old Alison singing in the finals of Quinceañera

YouTube link

Now, I wish Alison the best. And after thinking that it’s not fair to compete in American Idol after winning serious money as well as a recording contract, I changed my mind a bit. I think now that with the sheer exposure that American Idol can provide, it’s a completely different situation. Even placing second in American Idol is going to be better for Alison than whatever recording contract she might have originally won.

Lastly, how many other genres will be left for American Idol to tackle after Alison eventually splashes into the North American Latina scene?

Is it fair for American Idol to allow someone so talented into the competition? Dumb question that answers itself, don’t you think? American Idol isn’t a real competition, it’s a show that is for entertainment purposes only. It’s a popularity contest — meaning it’s not fair. The producers can pretty much do whatever they please. As long as it pleases us. American Idol goes away the minute people stop watching the show. So, like the fictional sport in the original Rollerball movie, the ones controlling the action on stage can change the rules or bend them as they like whenever they like. In the fictional setting, sometimes the puppets become the masters, but back here in reality…eh, not so much — we’re still happily manipulated.

My one American Idol post this week

UPDATE: Obviously, since the Perfessor doesn’t care to watch, Adam almost got the boot tonight, and the one contestant that the judges saved earlier this season with their special powers granted to them by… er, THEM, got the boot and was eaten by the audience.
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Really, there’s not much more to say. Well, except I think he’s an alien, because normal human’s can’t make that last note of a song last for three minutes, like this guy did last night.

Adam Lambert is probably the best entertainer on that show since it started. The race now is for who comes in second place.

Some say it is Magic!

Knowing how much Walt loves this kind of crap (that is to say the “you sort of have talent shows”), I figured that I’d post this clip, because, well, it was actually kind of cool.

The Perfessor

The career making moment

Some people go their whole lives without crossing the one threshold that sets them apart from the rest of their peers. This is fine for many people, as there’s a kind of stage fright that occurs when you realize that everyone is hanging on your every nuance, your every meaning…

But then there are others that seek the spotlight. They never find their moment.

But perhaps you do try to reach out, to do something that sets you apart from yourself.

You may surprise yourself, doing something so important that you realize later that what you did surpasses everything you have ever done before. Perhaps not to yourself, though. You can take a private memory, either good or bad, and that’s YOUR private excellence, but we’re not talking about how you view yourself here. We’re talking about how others view you, how perhaps you’ve just changed the way that everyone sees you.

Like I said, not everyone gets that kind of moment. But I witnessed one today, and figured I’d share it with you.

Chances are, you witnessed it too, if you watch American Idol.

And now that I’ve said that, perhaps you can also guess who I’m talking about.
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Not Playing That Game

I didn’t see much of American Idol – the rejection version – last night, but caught only pieces in passing.

When I did manage to glimpse at the TV, I noticed the youngest contestant, David Archuleta, sitting in the middle of the stage. I only found out later that David wouldn’t play Ryan Seacrest’s game.

The game was to split the seven contestants into the top three and the bottom three, and then have David choose which group HE thought he was part of. David Archuleta  David has appeared to date to be rather innocent, and perhaps this was a way for him to either earn his halo or trade it in for a pair of horns, thus signifying the loss of his soul to the money machine that is the music industry…

When faced with the awful choice of pointing out the obvious lower quality threesome, David chose by not choosing. He sat in the middle of the stage and simply refused to play the awful game of pointing fingers at the less popular.

Kudos, kid.

David Cook on American Idol

There’s three songs to talk about this year on American Idol so far, and this one is one of them.
The first two were shortened for time and made me want to hear more from each:
David Archuleta did “Imagine”
Brooke White did “Let It Be”

and now David Cook has done “Billy Jean”

Sorry for the embed with the crap about David’s early life. The other versions on YouTube were advertising for something, and I’d rather have the early stuff you can fast forward through to get to the song than anything else. So, hit play, but feel free to hit Pause and let the thing load so you can drag the play bar over to where the song actually starts.

This version of the song was done first by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Cornell certainly gets credit for the arrangement which few people had heard before. One of the side effects of the Death Of Radio is that some songs just aren’t well known, and Cornell’s certainly should be.

If you are like me, and you only remember Michael Jackson singing this song, this will help you forget the crotch grabbing idiot’s version, because trust me, this is like an entirely different song.

In a good way.

UPDATE: If you want JUST the MP3 to put on your iPod, I’m sure ITunes has it. However, if you go here or here, you can also download it before it gets yanked.