The beginning of the end?

We can only hope. today is Monday October 31, 2017 and subpoenas for Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential campaign scheduled to go out today. Someone made this video which has gone viral, and we wanted to re-post it here because…well, because it is fun.

Have fun out there kids.

The Perfessor

A Bernie Sanders video you really need to watch.

Bernie Sanders versus the media. Golden!

I love it when Bernie Sanders gets angry! Here he is laying the smackdown on corporate media types.

Posted by Brandon Weber on Friday, August 21, 2015

The Perfessor

Hitler finds out Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift at the VMAs

I’ve seen this vid a couple of times now (each one has a different subtitle text attached) and is has always been funny. This version is the funniest one so far. I’m now waiting for someone to re-dub it with Hitler getting pissed of that there are people comparing Obama to him, and declaring that he is NOTHING like Obama. and that he is more like Kanye West or some such.

Any takers?

The Perfessor

Colbert Goes Commando

He’s been promoting this event for weeks, and well, now, he’s there. That’s right, Starting this past Monday (yesterday) Stephen Colbert began a week of broadcasting from Iraq. You can view the full episode on ColbertNation.

I have to tell you that the show was a hoot-and-a-half, and not only that, but I totally want this suit:


Needless to say, while he was over there, he did his own fair share of celebrity sightings:

I can hardly wait for tonight’s episode.

The Perfessor

Captain America Lives!

According to a recent posting on Steve Epting’s site, (Steve is the artist currently drawing the very compelling Captain America comic published by Marvel Comics) After Captain America #50 hits the stores this May, the book will return to it’s original numbering, which makes the June issue #600. Here’s how that issue is described in Marvel’s June 2009 Solicitations:

capa600_400CAPTAIN AMERICA #600
50/50 Cover by ALEX ROSS
Where were you when Captain America died? It’s the anniversary of the day Steve Rogers was killed, a day of reflection and mourning in the Marvel U…a time to look back on the things Steve did and what he stood for… or is this issue actually the beginning of the most wicked plot twist since issue 25? Yeah, actually it’s both. Plus, contributions from Cap creators past and present, including a very special essay by Joe Simon, a classic story from Cap’s Golden Age, a full gallery of 600 Cap covers, and more anniversary shenanigans than you can shake a shield at!
104 PGS./New and Reprints/Rated T+ …$4.99

The cover is a deception James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes in his three identities (Bucky, Winter Soldier, Captain America) all under the watchful eye of Steve Rogers (the original Captain America). I’m thinking that this should be a great issue, personally, I’m looking forward to reading it.

The Perfessor

The winner of American Idol is…

You may not care to watch the show, but this guy is probably the best singer and future rock band frontman since Freddie Mercury of Queen.

While a lot of folks are comparing his androgenous looks to Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie, the looks obscure the fact that this guy has charisma and talent in abundance. I think it’s funny that Adam Lambert has already gone through his dramatic phase, making a living singing in stage productions. There’s little need for the extra dramatics, because he’s already done the understudy bit. Going to the stage would be a step back for Lambert now.

The only thing about talented people with the flair for the dramatic is that you just don’t know who’s under the mask. (That way with a lot of folks, true!) So, we don’t know how this guy is going to turn out.

Anyway, give a listen to the upper register of this singer if you haven’t heard this already.

Mad World on Vimeo.

American Idol