Sleeping through the re-runs

No, this isn’t me.
No, this isn’t me.
So, have you ever had the experience where you were watching a TV program and you fell asleep just before the end while watching it? Of course you have. this is one of the reasons that they invented recording devices for the TV. This way you can simply roll back the recording and watch what you’ve missed. In fact, my wife and I have taken to the habit of recording virtually any TV show that we regularly watch that falls in the 10:00 hour, as it is a sure bet that one (or both) of us will pass out on the couch just before the end.

Needless to say, this very often involves us watching the last 15 minutes of last night’s program (or last week’s episode) before watching TV tonight (or this week). Well, last night I wanted to watch an older episode of CSI NY, only, as I was watching it, I recalled that I had apparently seen parts of it (I think I was dozing all the way through it when it first ran). Anyway, I started watching it around 10:30 or so, and finished watching it at 4:30 this morning.

How does it take six hours to watch a one-hour program? Easy, I kept falling asleep during a portion of it, would wake up, roll the program back to the last point I remembered viewing, get another two minutes into the program, and then fall back asleep, only to repeat the process about a dozen times.

Sure, sure I could have simply have thrown in the towel and gone to bed, simply to have finished watching it another day, but I was bound and determined to finish watching it so that I could erase the show off the DVR and free up the space. Well, as stated, it took six hours, but I did finish watching it. Needless to say, once I had finished, I was wondering why I had bothered.

The Perfessor