Not the post I wanted to make

Here is a post from Mica Stone, Walt’s wife. Walt was my partner on this web-blog, and a friend of mine for almost 20 years. Walt and I never actually met, but we chatted online, and by phone often over the years. This is not a post I ever thought I’d ever have to make, but now it is up to me to make it.

The following post is from Mica, which she posted on Walt’s Facebook page:

Hi, everyone. This is Walt’s wife Mica with news no one wants to hear:

On December 21st, 2017, the longest night and the darkest day of the year, Walt left us. He was my husband and soul mate and other half. He was father to Mike; stepfather to Holly, Megan​ ​(and her husband Rene), Casey​ ​(and his wife Taylor); Pop-Pop to Sam, Charlie Grace, Wyatt, and Levi Walter​ ​(his namesake). He was brother to Shirley, Ruth, and Jim; uncle, cousin, and in-law to many; friend and mentor to numerous others. His philosophy was “teach a man to fish” and he lived that with endless generosity.

He was a lover of dogs, a fake-hater of cats, a stuffer of Christmas stockings bar none, and a master of spinach artichoke dip. He never met a problem he couldn’t solve one way or another, or a task he couldn’t conquer. (Case in point: He once got us home by using my pantyhose as a fan belt.) He was opinionated about everything though in recent years had learned to admit when he was wrong. It wasn’t very often.

A geologist by degree (Lamar University, 1978) and a petroleum geologist by trade, he’d spent the last several years as a science fiction novelist and the last several months as a construction contractor rebuilding the parts of our home destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. He loved​ ​space and geology and politics. He loved apple pie and Harry Potter and social media.

He loved storytelling, though it was the rare book or movie that met his standards. (Your​ ​Name is an example​ ​of one that did. ​The Last Jedi is​ ​one that did not.) He loved all of you. He loved me with his entire being. He was my life’s greatest gift and I appreciated him​ ​and adored him and loved him beyond reason. His absence leaves a hole in countless hearts.

There will be a celebration of his life on January 2nd, 2018. For details, please PM Mica or Holly or Taylor.


The Perfessor here again. I’m currently reading Walt’s book, Icefall, and I strongly suggest that you all do so as well.

I’ll have more to say at a later date, right now I’m going to have a drink.

The Perfessor

The beginning of the end?

We can only hope. today is Monday October 31, 2017 and subpoenas for Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential campaign scheduled to go out today. Someone made this video which has gone viral, and we wanted to re-post it here because…well, because it is fun.

Have fun out there kids.

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It is a caffeine world, and I’m just drinking it up

So, I figure that I’ve been drinking coffee for some 40+ years. There was a time when I would brew and drink a full 12-cup pot every day. Eventually I realized that was just a tad to much caffeine, so I cut it back to just two cups. These days I’m hovering around 3–5 cups, plus the occasional caffeinated frappuccino cold drink thrown in for good measure.

All these years I’ve been using white coffee filters. Recently I became aware of “natural” brown coffee filters. It was then that it suddenly occurred to me that white coffee filters are white because they are bleached to get them that way.

Yeah, that’s right, Bleach.

The same thing I use to wash my white clothes, and when I accidentally spilled it on one of my black shirts it took the color out of it. The same thing I sometimes use as a cleaning agent to kill germs and — were I to actually attempt to drink a cup full of it — would certainly kill me.

You just gotta know that’t gotta be a totally bad idea.

Why then am I using coffee filters washed in this toxin to drink my favored beverage (OK, 2nd beverage: nee Beer). So, we’re totally done with that nonsense, and now moving forward, I will only use brown coffee filters to make my coffee.

(yea I knoww the coffee pot is dirty, I’m cleaning it, OK?)

My Coffee Loves me!

It’s Twue! It’s Twue!–Coffee-Ladies.html?55134

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My world, and welcome to it


Yeah, like this. You wanna make something of it?

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Monday coffee

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