Car Chase: Texas Style

Fresh out of Texas, we had news another crazy car chase (hey, is that you again Walt?). Fortunately, we have the video of the car chase in Houston for you to check out.

According to the press, Houston officers attempted to make a traffic stop on a white Dodge Caravan. The driver then decided to throw the car in reverse and take off. He was described as a male in his 20s. Well, the fellow apparently led the Houston authorities on a car chase that lasted for about an hour, and covered a total of 25 miles through 2 counties before it came to an end near the Greenspoint mall.

You know, I always wondered why (on TV) folks running away run into garages, and then head to the top floor, I mean, really, where do they think they are going to go when they get to the top?

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  1. I think most of the police doing the chasing are Constables not willing to sacrifice the few patrol cars they have for this idiot.

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