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OK, normally we don’t post stuff like this here at Cuppa, but it is faux news story we got off The Volokh Conspiracy that they got off The Onion, that we, well giggled like a schoolgirl all the way through. So we felt that we should share it with you all.

Long have we contended that, when growing up, all the news of the world could be told in 30 minutes a day. These days with four or five 24/7 news channels, there is still only 30 minutes of news every single day, but now these stations still have to fill up 23.5 hours every day, just to sell commercials to keep their stations on the air, so that they can get paid.

Needless to say, what we so often wind up is is something like, well, this:

There is some (mild) cursing in this vid, so be aware.

The only thin that is worse than this type of story (told seriously) is when they break into regular programming to tell us that there is no new update on the critical story that they are going to lead off the news with in 20 minutes.

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