Bomb the Moon!

No, really, Bomb the Moon

Quite frankly, given this country’s previous administration penchant for randomly bombing foreign countries, you would have think that this was something that they would have developed. Still, you’d be wrong, because it is not that kind of bombing.

Astronomers and space enthusiasts around the world watched as Nasa sent a rocket into the lunar surface.

The 2.2tonne rocket that launched the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) created ‘a dimple’ a third the size of a football pitch on the Moon at 12.31pm (BST).

The LCROSS probe followed four minutes later. It detected the heat signature from the first crash although no flash was immediately evident. It searched for ice and water before colliding with the surface.

It will have relayed this data back to Earth including pictures from the onboard cameras. Anyone can watch analysis of the event online through the Nasa TV website.

You can read a long, dry and probably boring article here (and Walt probably will), or you can just watch this vid and get the highlights. Still, it is worth at least scanning the article, as it does have some cook images attached to it.

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