Blow Up Your TV

Well, apparently some aging, gun-toting hippy from Wisconsin took John Denver’s advice to heart the other day, right after witnessing Bristol Palin advance to the next round on Dancing with the stars. A Dane County Sheriff’s detective says that Steven Cowan, from Vermont, Wisconsin felt that the Jr. Palin was not nearly as good dancer as the others and was only being kept on the show because of her famous mother, so he took out his single-shot shotgun and pumped a round into the set.

Police say Cowan, who was was later charged second-degree reckless endangerment, loaded his shotgun and blasted the TV before turning the gun on his wife, who escaped.

Tactical officers surrounded the home and managed to talk Cowan, who faces to up to 10 years in prison if convicted, out of his house.

Yeah, we sort of felt the same way after Sarah Palin’s America.

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