Big Macs don’t rot

Apparently there is a story going around that McDonald’s burgers won’t rot if left out in the open air, giving rise to the question, “if they don’t rot, what the heck are they made out of then?”

Well, someone has actually done some tests and found out why this is true…

The internet was totally grossed out recently by images that showed a McDonald’s hamburger sitting out in the open for six months without decomposing or rotting. But one blogger dug a bit deeper, and it turns out no hamburgers rot.

Well, no burgers that are roughly the shape and size of McDonald’s plain burger, anyway. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt over at Serious Eats was tired of people slagging off the Happy Meal burger without any real scientific sense of what was going on. The Happy Meal burger doesn’t rot, sure, but he wanted to know why it doesn’t rot.

Yeah, that’s just what I wanted to know.

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