Beware the Death Star…

OK, this is just too cool for words:

Pity the poor NASA astronomer who saw the first images of this moon when the Pioneer 11 flew by in 1979.
For this was only two years after the first Star Wars came out – so that film’s iconic Death Star was very much in the public consciousness.
The similarities are pretty startling – enough to make us wonder if Saturn’s moon, called Mimas, is not actually just the fossilised, crumbling remains of an evil empire’s ship from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

You read that right, it looks like the Empire’s Death Star is somehow orbiting around Saturn. Seriously, how cool would that be, eh?

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  1. Since the movements of this world and its two stars are all virtually confined to the same plane, the researchers suggest they all formed from the same disk of dust and gas. Planets that were captured from other star systems might be expected to orbit at a range of angles.

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