Beck might be a tool, but Limbaugh is a big Fat Idiot*

Probably 10 or 15 years ago my good friend John Carbonaro told me to watch this TV political Pundit named Rush Limbaugh, as he was very good. I had never heard heard of Limbaugh, so I watched his show. The one I watched had Limbaugh railing against Jimmy Carter for the rise of the Ayatollah in Iran.

Now I always liked John, but I clearly remember cocking my head to one side and saying to myself that was an interesting comment, because I knew, well, hardly anything about Mid-East politics, but I did know that the Ayatollah came into power because US Republican leadership kept a dictatorial Shah in power for like 50 years oppressing his people so that the US could get preferential treatment from Iran in regards to Oil.

The religious rise of the Ayatollah was a backlash to the Shah, who (as I said) was kept in power by the right-wing conservative branch of US political machine. It was just Jimmy Carter’s bad luck that it happened on his watch.

Needless to say, this was the only time I ever watched Limbaugh, because if I knew that he was full of it over this bit of intel, then he couldn’t be someone that I was interested in listening to (you simply can’t isolate a snippet in time and view it out of historical context to get any proper analysis out of it).

Anyway, you can imagine my growing disdain with the right that it apparently has pinned it’s future on the ramblings of this drug-addled fool. Thus you can imagine how entertained I was to learn the following:

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, host and Republican Joe Scarborough drilled Rush Limbaugh for cheering Chicago’s failed 2016 Olympic bid. Scarborough said, “I will tell you middle Americans that swing elections see that and go oh my God Republicans have gone off the deep end.”

Yep, the right has begun to feed on itself.

The Perfessor

*At least that is what Al Franken told me.

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  1. Given Limbaugh’s personal history, you know what that means…free pain meds for all team players, and no need for piss tests! Whhoo-Haa!

    Where do I sign up?

    The Perfessor

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