Bawdy Coming Of (teen)Age movie ‘The To Do List’

In the same teen summer sex farce movies such as (I can’t believe I’m typing this) “Porky’s” and “American Pie”
comes this instantly charming and fairly bawdy summer movie “The To Do List” starring… well, who cares?
I mean, do you really think anybody is interested in acting in these movies?

The difference with this movie is this time the nerdy virgin is a girl! OMG! Totes amazing switch!

Why am I posting this, if it’s just another movie? Simple. Against my better judgement, it made me laugh.

Two words: Corny Works. The premise of any teen sex farce is the promise of, well, you know, teen sex. What you end up getting is a lot of implied sex, but little of anything besides bawdy humor, usually at the expense of the show’s virgin(s) or characters playing the adults/parents who are never cool with anything because when they grew up, they simply bypassed that whole awkward puberty thing.

NSFW Red band trailer follows, so hide the eyes and ears for scenes of teenage sex talk.

There ought to be a Bingo card game with all the standard teen sex farce cliches where you can click them off as you see them. When you call out “Bingo!” in the theatre, some shapely long haired blonde comes over to give you a blowjob as a reward, only to discover the long haired blonde is actually a dude!! Yeah, something like that.

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