Hacking Paris Hilton

Some months back, a hacker managed to break into the T-Mobile networks, and after the chase was on for the hacker, even managed to hack into the T-Mobile phone account of the Secret Service agent that was trailing him. The T-Mobile network happens to be the phone network that I’m on, so I paid it a little attention, and like others didn’t really notice this last week when the hacker pled guilty as part of a sealed plea agreement. The hacker got into the T-Mobile database, collecting Social Security numbers, phone lists, and even the IMs and photos taken by folks on their cell phones. Before he was caught, the some of this information made it around in the backchannels of the internet, as well as the cell phone photos stolen right off of T-Mobile server space.

You would think that T-Mobile would have fixed the security of their servers, as soon as the information about the hacker and his capture became public knowledge. But I’m guessing this Continue reading Hacking Paris Hilton

Upgrade to WordPress 1.5 complete

Painless and easy.

“I like it when a plan comes together”
-That guy on the A-Team

Tony Hawk on four legs

This pretty much says it all

Skating Bulldog 630K streaming Flash file (pops up in a new window)

Sorry for the low quality, but I simply love this pooch!

Inducing a stroke in the blind guy from Star Trek

Wired has an article about the celebrities that shop at the Apple Store
at the Grove Mall near Hollywood. Some celebs are nice, such as Kiefer
Sutherland, who thanks everybody, and the Wayans brothers, Marlon and
Keenan… And then you have the idiots. The star that wants her pink
mini iPod, and she wants it now! Don’t you KNOW they have a special
reserve of iPods for celebrities ? I’ll let you read which one that is,
because I don’t happen to think she’s much of a celeb these days. And
then there was Levar Burton. You know, the "blind dude" from Star Trek:
The Next Iteration Generation?

The associate, who also asked to remain anonymous, said he made the mistake of asking Burton for some ID when the actor was making a big credit card purchase. The associate said he recognized Burton, but wanted to reassure him he was doing a thorough job of checking credentials.

Burton “began shouting at me to ask anyone in the store who he was, all the while telling me that he left his ID in the car and he didn’t want to have to go get it,” the associate said. “I finally caved in, only because I could see a vein pulsating in his forehead and I didn’t want to be the one responsible for causing the blind dude from Star Trek to have a stroke.”

So, just remember folks,
if someone demands something
from your store…
and the guy looks anything like this:


Give him whatever the hell he wants
and charge it to Levar Burton!


BE COOL – My Hate Affair With John Travolta Continues

BE COOL is a sequel about, well, making a sequel. And as the first scene in the movie tells us, sequels always suck. Apparently, the first reports from the real world on this one suggests exactly that. Apparently, everyone is phoning this one in, including author of the source material, Elmore Leonard.


Reportedly, the only standout in this one is TheRock, playing a gay Samoan bodyguard. Yeah, that’s him in the pic with the baseball bat.

Now, I’m no fan of Travolta. I personally believe him to be one of the larger acting frauds ever put upon the land of Hollywood. But even folks that enjoyed him in movies have suggested that this particular role makes him look old, and ineffectual.

Hmm… maybe the part WAS written for him, after all!

As always, I haven’t seen the movie, so your mileage will vary.
Rent GET SHORTY again.

The Name of the Game


Uh, my middle name!

Green Day singer Billy Jo Armstrong has given his
son the middle name… Danger.