The beginning of the end?

We can only hope. today is Monday October 31, 2017 and subpoenas for Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential campaign scheduled to go out today. Someone made this video which has gone viral, and we wanted to re-post it here because…well, because it is fun.

Have fun out there kids.

The Perfessor

It is a caffeine world, and I’m just drinking it up

So, I figure that I’ve been drinking coffee for some 40+ years. There was a time when I would brew and drink a full 12-cup pot every day. Eventually I realized that was just a tad to much caffeine, so I cut it back to just two cups. These days I’m hovering around 3–5 cups, plus the occasional caffeinated frappuccino cold drink thrown in for good measure.

All these years I’ve been using white coffee filters. Recently I became aware of “natural” brown coffee filters. It was then that it suddenly occurred to me that white coffee filters are white because they are bleached to get them that way.

Yeah, that’s right, Bleach.

The same thing I use to wash my white clothes, and when I accidentally spilled it on one of my black shirts it took the color out of it. The same thing I sometimes use as a cleaning agent to kill germs and — were I to actually attempt to drink a cup full of it — would certainly kill me.

You just gotta know that’t gotta be a totally bad idea.

Why then am I using coffee filters washed in this toxin to drink my favored beverage (OK, 2nd beverage: nee Beer). So, we’re totally done with that nonsense, and now moving forward, I will only use brown coffee filters to make my coffee.

(yea I knoww the coffee pot is dirty, I’m cleaning it, OK?)

World’s first Web Cam!

So, if you are wondering what Coffee has to do with web cams, then you need to know this…

“In 1991, when the World Wide Web was a text-only hangout for science geeks, and the University of Cambridge in England didn’t even have its own Web server, the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory’s sole coffee machine lived in the hall outside a 15-member lab called the Trojan Room. Several members of the Lab’s “coffee club,” however, resided elsewhere in the building and had to negotiate several flights of stairs to reach the coffeepot. Their trips were often in vain, though, since the hackers from the Trojan Room tended to guzzle the fresh coffee first. Caffeine-starved but undeterred, the remote club members built the world’s first networked camera.”

—From MIT Technology Review

And here is another link to a Gizmodo article on the topic.

The Perfessor

My Coffee Loves me!

It’s Twue! It’s Twue!–Coffee-Ladies.html?55134

The Perfessor

A Cuppa Joe too far?

Hard as it may seem, there ARE lines we will not cross.


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My world, and welcome to it


Yeah, like this. You wanna make something of it?

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