An ill wind

So, I know that weather-geeks like Walt (probably) spent much of the weekend glued to the weather channel watching Southern CT get slammed by a wicked-serious storm on Saturday. (My in-laws drove all the way up the East Coast from Florida with it.) Well, Having spent much of the day indoors (hoping that I wouldn’t ship water in my basement again), I missed quite a bit of it, but for reasons that pas understanding, we had to go out last night (after much of the high winds were over), but as we drove two towns over (in the dark), we did get to experience some of the aftermath of the event.

Well, we had to detour around a few fallen trees a few times to get where we were going (and then a few more times before we got back — at one point even calling in a 911 call to report a downed tree that had taken down a power line which was arcing and had started a small fire).

When we finally got home (to discover a dry basement), all was well (except that we had no land-line, internet, or cable; requiring me to fall asleep in front of a DVD, before getting up and going to bed). This morning I did venture out again to discover a few more fallen trees (this time in my own neighborhood). These trees included:

One in my back yard (that fell into the woods behind my house, thus causing no real damage or mess).

A second that had fallen across the street and was precariously leaning on the high-tension wire.

And a third that had fallen across a street leading to my house.

There were more, (much more), this is just what I was able to snap from my house.

Isn’t the weather fun?

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5 thoughts on “An ill wind”

  1. MILD! We lost whole streets of trees and phone polls. The Ice Storm a few years back was even less of a problem for me as the power went out for 8 hours. I lost power for two and a half days, and phone and internet and cable for almost five. There were areas that looked as if a tornado came through the area. Thankfully it was warmish so while cooler than I liked it was livable.


  2. Mark, as I said, this was only a couple of trees that were near me (and yeah, this was pretty mild), there were numerous other trees that I saw over the past day or so, it is just that I didn’t have my camera on me when I saw them, or I would have shot them as well.

    The Perfessor

  3. And we didn’t even have to evacuate to the Superdome.

    Mike, I clicked through to your pic, and well, wow, yea, that was a real storm. We were quite lucky.

    The Perfessor

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