Adam Lambert, the lights they are a-flashing

This next piece of entertainment won’t be for everybody. I’m posting it mainly to make a bit of fun at its expense, but you have to give this guy some merits for trying.

Adam Lambert came in second on his stint on American Idol, and then just as quickly confirmed everyone’s suspicions and came out as gay. (The gay thing was merely a affirmation more than a surprise, but the funny thing about Adam is the reverse of the issue we have about other male entertainers. With some, they say they’re straight, and we think … “eh, probably gay” but with Adam who’s gay, there are some that think … “eh, he might be gay, but I wouldn’t trust him alone with my niece OR nephew”. )

Adam Lambert and the K-Mart Blue Light Special

But the image that Adam Lambert has embraced from the beginning is his “dance club glam” roots. The preferred costume for this guy is sparkles and enough spiky leather to roll back the year to 1982 reopen Studio 54.

So, what follows is Glambert (ooh, see what I did there? Okay, not so original) in his latest music video. The video resembles what would happen if the cast from The Warriors [imdb] got dumped in the middle of the forest and decided to have a gay rave. Okay, normal rave, since all raves are gay.

Still, if a dance club backbeat, questions of what someone would do without you, and a lot of flashing lights are your thing, click ahead!

VH1 link to vid

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  1. You know, if there were any more sparkles, pasty-faced pretty boys, or empty-headed, whiny teen girls, this could be the next Twilight film, only not nearly as good, if you know what I mean. (Seriously, a top hat?)

    The Perfessor

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