A night worth forgetting

Every once in a while I remember watching the 20th anniversary broadcast of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Chris Rock. For the event, they chose to have basically every cast member and as many of the big stars who passed through the show appear either in the show itself or in the celebrity audience.

What truly made this moment memorable for me was Rock standing there and saying that he was completely awed by being in the presence of so much stellar talent, followed by him observing that it was amazing that so many talented people could have turned out so may truly awful movies.

It is true. In fact it is so true that it is probably safe to say that more bad movies have been spun out of SNL than out of any other single concept ever in the history of motion pictures. On some level, I’m truly stunned that they even allow any more SNL sketches to be developed in to feature-length films. I mean, hasn’t anyone yet realized that virtually anything can be funny for five minutes, but if you try stretching it out for 90 minutes or so, it tends to lose the funny around minute six.

Well, that is precisely what happened with MacGruber. On its surface it is a parody of MacGyver, and while I’m sure that the SNL sketch is funny enough (I’ve never seen the bit), it simply doesn’t play out on the big screen. Further, not only does the entire concept fall flat, but the film itself is badly acted, poorly directed, and well, resembles the train wreck at the beginning of The Fugitive, except it isn’t nearly as interesting.

There was a time that the SNL players referred to themselves as “The Not Ready for Prime Time Players” I think that they should now begin to refer to themselves as “Not Ready for the Movies Players”

Now I know that there are some of you out there who will tell me that even from the trailer you could tell that this movie was going to blow chunks, well so too did I, and there is a reason that I allowed myself to attend a screening (it was free, but even still I feel ripped off), and right now I can’t think of one that validates the amount of time I put into attending.

Still, I do now have a word to describe the worst possible experience possible, and it is MacGruber

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  1. I have always hated this skit and knew there was no way the movie good be anything but awful.

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