Keeping Shatner away from Palin

Sarah Palin bans media from her next speaking engagement.
But does this include William Shatner?

And will Sarah bring her own bongo drums?

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Shatner away from Palin”

  1. You know this is a very shrewd move for Palin. make public appearances but ban the media from attending any event. This way she can be a goofy as she wants to be, but there will be no one there to tell us what a whacked-out nut-job she is, and only the most rabid of all Palinites will attend and come away thinking of her as the next coming of Ronald Regan. Then she can run for Prez in 2012 (to 20 14.5) and be ther firs actual “shadow” president, as no one will have access to her but her most ardent supporters.

    This way the rest of us will be spared her brand of lunacy.

    The Perfessor

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