NYX: Not the X-Men…Better!

nyx4 A lawyer by training, an author by choice Marjorie M. Liu has studied and traveled extensively through Taiwan and China, and spent some time working at the US Embassy in Beijing. She loves to read and poodles. A couple of the books she has authored include, The Wild Road, (August 2008 — Dirk & Steele #8), The Iron Hunt, (July 2008 — Hunter Kiss #1), Hotter Than Hell, (July 2008); and of course NYX.

According to Liu, she got the chance to write an X-Men book during a lunch with her agent, and mentioned that it was a long-time dream of hers to write something for Marvel comics. As, she happened to know a Marvel editor who was active seeking proposals for X-Men novels she sat down and brainstormed a couple of ideas. As it turned out, even though her first couple ideas were rejected, the last one took, and well, the rest is NYX.

As for the story of isue #four, Kiden and her mutant friends are trying to find their missing mentor, the adult teacher Cameron Palmer. Unfortunately that was before Tatiana was shot and now the cops are hunting for them. With this limited series (two more issues are left) Liu has crafted a very believable (human) story about these extraordinary youths, and somehow managed to do so in a world where everyone has big muscles and wears spandex.

This is a rather remarkable feat of no small proportions considering that the male-dominated comicbook industry is powered by people wrapping I-Beams around each other’s skulls. This story really draws you in to learn about the lives of these kids. You really want to know who they are and discover more about their lives. as the story twists and turns you are treated to a solid story that makes full use of the words and pictures aspect of this unique medium (in fact, even as a first-timer, she is better than some folk who have been doing it for years.

If you mised out on the first couple of issues, and don’t want to jump into the closing chapters of the story, then you are in luck. Marvel will be reprinting this story in a graphic album form that is sure to be at a book store near you.

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