Business Plan, XKCD-style!

(Via xkcd) The Perfessor

Time management

xkcd UPDATE: Response from the past-– Benjamin Franklin’s day planner:

Thought for today

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Courtesy of xkcd. The Perfessor

A story writing challenge

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Monday’s XKCD comic presents a challenge I’ll flesh out for the story writers in the audience. The first three panels of the comic present your typical young adult fantasy: Great. You have your hero/heroine and the challenge and the successful adventurous journey. Win for everybody except the bad guy. It’s been done. Whether the setting […]

Character positions, relatively speaking

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Tip of the hat to Monday’s XKCD comic that charts the character groupings of 5 movies. The first one is inspired. The second is cute. The third is funny. The fourth and fifth are droll. But that’s okay, because before you get that far, you’ve already shaken your head in appreciation for the work on […]

If XKCD did a global warming comic

Stolen and altered from XKCD