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Shatner vs. Gorn (again)

Too much fun not to re-post. For the full story. This you gotta see!

OK, this one came to me and is apparently burning up the net these days. George Takei attempts to broker a peace between Trekkers and Star Wars aficionados by attempting to unite them against Twilight. Check it out!

The Captains are in the house!

William Shatner, who will forever be Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk, has created a new Star Trek documentary that focuses on the various actros that have captained the Star Ship Enterprise. The documentary (entitled The Captains, has Shatner sitting down to interview Patrick Stewart (The Next Generation), Kate Mulgrew (Voyager), Scott Bakula (Enterprise), Avery Brooks (Deep […]

Where No Trek has ever been before

OK, OK, all the uber-Trek Geeks already know that JJ Abrams new vision of Trek hits DVD and Blu-Ray any moment now, and virtually everybody else knows that there were two pilots of Trek (the first, if not only TV show in history to have two pilots) The first, The Cage, which was rejected by […]

Keeping Shatner away from Palin

Sarah Palin bans media from her next speaking engagement. Link But does this include William Shatner? And will Sarah bring her own bongo drums?

Let’s say you have a (valid) point to make, and you want to make it in such a way that will get everyone’s attention, but not do so in a destructive way or cause you to — you know — get arrested. Well, the first thing is that you need a viable plan, and then […]