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Fantastic view of Dubai

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This is a nice little trip through Dubai from videographer Rob Whitworth

The people from HuvrTech have done it! A actual hoverboard, straight out of Back To The Future! Watch this video and tell me you don’t want one! Oh, and it’s fake. But it’s a very very well done fake. Got to give them that.

Wow, that’s a long truck

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What more can be said? The Perfessor

Giant Bubble video

How big CAN a bubble get, anyway? Take a look at this short video and tell me this stuff isn’t a bit of a head trip to watch. It looks like this guy is using two fishing poles and a bit of the natural sea breeze to make bubbles easily 50 ft in length. Certainly […]

It’s a cute Friday vid

Of all the videos I could have put on for this Friday, I figured I’d go cute. And yes, I’m making you click through, because when some smartphone browsers load Cuppacafe’s main page, they freak out on all the vids the Perfessor posts and won’t play any of them.

The pretty side of the volcano

Sean Stiegemeier is a videographer who has taken a really neat video of the “E15” volcano earlier this month. I’d love to have this on a loop playing on a monitor hung on a wall. This is my version of fireplace video. Weird comfort from a distance. Video after the break