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By now you’ve all heard how the ex-Governatrix (over) reacted to the Valentine’s Day episode of The Family Guy, well, as it turns out, the actress (Andrea Fay Friedman) who voiced “Ellen” — the character who was depicted as having Down syndrome — actually does have Down syndrome herself. Friedman recently responded to Palin’s comments […]

So, I’m going about my day yesterday, and I see this little bit of nonsense from the Bill O’Reilly show. It seems that this past Tuesday night, the ex-Governoratrix appeared on O’Reilly’s show in her capacity as a Fox News analyst, and was questioned about an episode of The Family Guy in which a female […]

Remember when Microsoft launched Win 95? they utilized the Rolling Stones and their song Start Me Up to aid them in popularizing the new software. Well, they are trying again to tap into Pop Culture, only this time they are going with Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy. Here are some clips that may or may not […]