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Hey, Walt, I think I just may be moving in! Austin, Texas (CBS HOUSTON) — A proposal which would make Texas the fifth state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana use was approved in a bipartisan House panel vote – with the bill’s author citing his Christian values as cause for his support. Being […]

Let’s hear it for Texas!

Texas voter ID law blocked by federal judge Just weeks before the mid-term elections a federal judge in Corpus Christi struck down on Thursday Texas’ contentious voter ID law, describing it as a “poll tax” and finding that it discriminated against minority voters. Federal District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos ruled that the law violates […]

Turn Texas Blue

What’s going on in Texas? The Perfessor

This one’s for Walt

The Perfessor

Politics, Texas Style

Here is another one for our long-suffering buddy, Walt. The Perfessor

So Texas Governor, GOP Presidential candidate, and borderline blithering idiot, has cut a new YouTube vid promoting his candidacy, where he touts his Christianity, and slams gays — completely ignoring the fact that Jesus never said word one about homosexuality, but often went off on the rich, and actually espoused the separation of church and […]