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Happy St. Pat’s

And don’t drink any of that green beer! The o’Perfessor!

March 18th

Happy Day after St. Patrick’s Day, Droogs! Courtesy of The Highland Rovers The Perfessor

To all of you late-night St. Paddy’s Day revelers. This is one of my favorite comedy bits done by ’50s stand-up comic, Shelley Berman. My folks had a album of his which I played incessantly when I was a kid. Given that this is the morning after St. Pat’s I feel that it is appropriate. […]

The wearin’ o’ the Green

Stay away from green beer. The Perfessor

Just in time to (potentially ) ruin the most important holiday in Ireland, there is a severe shamrock shortage which could seriously impact on the “wearing of the green,” according to leading botanist Dr. Declan Doogue of the Royal Irish Academy. The shamrock was “hit hard” by the severe winter weather and “won’t be easily […]