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This isn’t photoshopped. wiki

I get home from a trip to the field to find that all so elusive oil and gas, and there in my inbox is a little scary nightmare from YouTube. It’s scary because it’s real Stuxnet You see, real technology scares aren’t as simple as Hollywood makes them out to be. Often, what kills you […]

There are some really good game show exits — Handing your lit torch to Jeff, only to have him snuff the flame (representing your life force) And there are some really stupid ones — like getting awarded a live donkey on the original Let’s Make A Deal that became a very well known math problem. […]

Sunday night update: It looks like what happened to Unit #1 has now finally happened to Unit #3. SOMA, Japan — The second hydrogen explosion in three days rocked Japan’s stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant Monday, sending a massive column of smoke into the air and wounding six workers. It was not immediately clear how […]

All that chatter about global warming make your head hurt? Well, here’s a summary on a crucial part of it that’s given in a fairly easy to understand manner. For those that haven’t been playing along, the famous hockey stick of rising temperatures has been discounted a bit. What was originally published as a “Oh […]

Big Daddy Surfing Vid

There’s nothing like riding a giant freaking wave big enough to star in its own disaster flick. You just know this guy has to have a couple of brass balls to do this. Click for the vid