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If you saw my last post, you saw a little bit about my weekend, but apparently there were other things going on as well, first up the Obama administration is sending Lawyers into the BP/Gulf situation. While I say it’s about time, I’m still, not sure if stuffing the pipe with lawyers is going to […]

Well, not “our” lawyers, so much, but a buncha law-related stories that I thought I’d toss together while waiting for my client to call this morning. First up, the Vatican is setting up roadblocks…er it’s legal strategy in its most recent slate of sex-abuse lawsuits. The Catholic Church has been dealing with its sex-abuse problems […]

“First, Kill all the lawyers…”

Again, just to be clear, I’m not so much advocating violence, but quoting Shakespeare here. Why am I saying this (again), well, other than the obvious reasons? Easy, I just read this post over at No Funny Lawyers, and well, I was both amused, and a tad irritated. On Reading Contracts: What to do When […]

When in doubt…sue!

I know that by now you are all familiar with the national sport of the U.S., suing the crap out of everyone. Lindsey Lohan tried it recently, and since this is something of a “fake” lawsuit (OK, it is a real lawsuit, but no one other than Lindsey is taking it seriously). Want to know […]

Funny lawyer commercials

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A few days ago we posted a funny lawyer ad that not only made the law firm that made the ad seem reasonable and, well honorable, and their lawsuit-happy potential clientele as money-grubbing whores, well, not only is there a new commercial: …but now even are other lawyers are writing about it. One ad for […]

The only good lawyer…

Shakespeare once told us that the first thing we have to do is kill all the lawyers. An old lawyer joke asks what do you call 150 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, with the response being (naturally enough), a good start. Here is a new ad for Lawyers that actually makes them seem […]