So, about that new iPad we got you…

You really have to watch this vid. Don’t worry about understand what they are saying, the visuals are the entire gag.

Oh, the link isn’t in the pic (it wouldn’t let me embed the video, you have to use the link.

The Perfessor

Conan talks iPad2

Here’s a video from Conan’s show on the iPad2

The iPad2, if you haven’t been made aware as yet, it’s this very expensive tablet that you can browse the web with.

The reason you want to buy the iPad2 is because… well, just watch.
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iPad or Death Star? Mashup video offers both!

The wonderful iPad is introduced by Steve Jobs in this funny mashup.

What’s so funny about the iPad description by Jobs? This video mashed up with Jobs is from Star Wars where the attack on the Death Star is planned.

Steve Jobs explains the beauty of the iPad

It’s cute. You’ll like it.

Vid after the jump
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iPorn (SFW)

Love the 70s porn music.

Hi-tech funnybook madness

I think that before I discovered funnybooks, I was a fan of syndicated comics in the newspaper. I totally love it when these two worlds collide, as they did this week in Foxtrot. I already posted this on my funnybook site (and showed it to Walt), but since there is a sly tech side to this gag, I wanted to re-post it here. The real gag isn’t obvious (I actually had to point it out to Walt), but it is there, and it is hilarious, so take your time.

(click the cartoon to get it large enough to read clearly)

The Perfessor

The iPad, only with Flash support. Thanks HP!

Sound not req’d on this quick advertisement for HP’s Slate.