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Harry and Hagrid

Mischief Menage’d

This little WTF Easter Egg was found by someone on Cracked.com and I figured I’d repost it here. There’s even an Easter egg at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban where two students are clearly fucking in the corner: Hey, I giggled.

For the Disney version of the Harry Potter characters, see here

Potter-Mania continues

Everybody loves Harry (‘cept, perhaps me), and is going gaa-gaa over the young wizard. The other night we watch a bit with Daniel Radclift on The Daily Show, here is what we saw. Video after jump.

Harry Potter Day!

I got finished walking my dogs last night about 10:30, and think ya know, I could go now and see Harry Potter at the midnight showing! I’m looking forward to going, knowing that, at the multiplex nearby, there seems to be something like five screens ALL preparing to show the movie at midnight. I figure, […]