Harry Potter Day!

I got finished walking my dogs last night about 10:30, and think ya know, I could go now and see Harry Potter at the midnight showing!

I’m looking forward to going, knowing that, at the multiplex nearby, there seems to be something like five screens ALL preparing to show the movie at midnight. I figure, hey, there’s GOT to be room for me! After all, I’ve gone to midnight releases of the Harry Potter books, and the other Harry Potter movies.
It’s always fun with the costumed fans.

But there’s never been that many show up to the midnight movies before. FIVE theaters in one multiplex? It can’t be that crowded, right?

Well, it was like a scene from a Soylent Green is Harry Potter movie in the parking lot. No place to park in that perpetually empty place, and the driving lane in front of the ticket window was taped off, filled with the people waiting to see the movie — yes, so many expectant people they queued up outside. It was more than an hour from the movie start time — I knew I was hosed without having to go back in time and pre-buy a ticket. I turned the car around and went home and to bed.

I remember lining up for the Star Wars movies. At least the third one. It was a big deal back then, but nothing like Harry Potter is today. And think about Star Wars right now, how it’s still being mocked on the various comedy shows like Robot Chicken and The Family Guy. Darth Vader is a cultural icon. What will He Who Must Not Be Named turn into in 30 years??

Those who grew up on Star Wars are influencing pop culture today. I suggest that Harry Potter will have a greater influence 20 years from now than Star Wars has been in today’s pop culture. No, we’re not going to be treated to people dressing up as Harry Potter characters in 20 years’ time serving up hamburgers at a chain of Harry Potter restaurants, but we will probably all know the various Hogwarts houses and the wizarding symbology more so than many of us do now.

About copycatting:
io9.com has an interesting post about how the copycats and how their story actually improved on what they copied. There’s always going to be that allegation that Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling stole her concepts from someone else. Anyone actually reading knows that the characters may have been inspired from a few different places, but I think inspiration is the closest you’ll ever get to any kind of slap against the creator of this saga.

In the end, it’s been an enjoyable fantasy, and a great distraction.

And thanks to J. K. Rowling, who gave us more than one hero to cheer for.